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At Moomtastic videos, we bring you a personal view from the Middle East. We neither emphasize nor hide the conflict. We show something rarely seen in the west: A vision of the people who live, work and play in the magical and troubled place called Palestine.

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In association with Project Hope

Messengers of Hope

Shot on location in Nablus, Palestine, we see Projet Hope's wonderful volunteers, staff, and students, and how they keep hope alive under military occupation.

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Bethlehem 2006

Bethlehem is a beautiful city, albeit tragically under-touristed. Take a tour through the Church of the Nativity, see kids at a summer camp, and see a Palestinian fashion show!

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Born Here

This is a music video by the Palestinian rap group DAM. I adapted their English translation of their lyrics to add subtitles.

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Entertainment from Palestine

This is the first video made to explore the moomtastic concept. It introduces what YouTube is, and takes a humorous look at the idea of making videos from Palestine. It's built around some footage of a tea skit that was shot in Nablus in 2004, as part of the Music for Music DVD. Since this video, the moomtastic project has changed to be less focused on humor, and more on personal stories.


Habibi in Ramallah

Here we see an animated skit about the word "habibi," and how it's used in Palestine. It's from Zan Studio in Ramallah, and was translated by Project Hope volunteer Hiba in Nablus.

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Child Fiction

This animated video presents a child's view of the wall that is cutting village from farm, home from work and neighbor from neighbor. It's from Zan Studio in Ramallah.

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Big Sunday 2007

Nothing to do with the Middle East, but this video from my native Los Angeles is all about volunteering. This follows three projects that were part of Big Sunday, when Angelinos come out for volunteer activities all over the city.

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